We Wanna Be Like John

Well it has been nearly a month since our last update, and nearly two months since our arrival in Costa Rica! We cannot believe how quickly time has been going by. We have been as blessed and as busy as ever.
I had mentioned our need to get a Costa Rican bank account and the difficulties we were having in our last post. Well after three weeks we finally got an account! And one week after that we were finally able to put money in it too! During the bulk of the bank account saga I was sick with the flu, so Matt was having to make a lot of trips to town sans-wife. I was having to release my desire to control things and get things done as I recovered from the never-ending flu bug. While I was examining the back of my eye lids and stretching the amount of time between swallows to the max, Matt was walking around on the mountain helping some of the men with their work and building relationships. I was so impressed with his outgoing nature and ability to communicate without a common language. He has been learning a lot of vocabulary and has even started recognizing words when people are talking.
After about two weeks of being down, I was extremely happy to be able to start doing things again! We have put a lot of work into our little home. We are nearly finished sealing our rooms walls, corners, roof, and floor boards. I also took my first trip off the mountain in 3 weeks this past week! What a relief to be able to run errands! Here is Matt making some small wood slats to help fill our floor boards, and I’m gluing and nailing down ropes on each of the cracks on the wall.

Now that we have money in a Costa Rican account, we can start shopping for a vehicle. Please pray that we find the best car for us! That it would run well and fit our various needs. Also that the process would be fairly simple and that we can easily acquire the different required papers that come along with owning a car in Costa Rica.
We have continued to have Bible study with the adults and kids here at the building. We really love this time. We have also been getting to know a couple of new families on the mountain and we have been super blessed by their friendship. God is continually opening doors for us to talk about spiritual matters; in two situations they have actually been the ones to bring it up! Several people have expressed a strong desire to learn English and a few the desire to learn music. We have been praying A LOT about how we might fill these needs and share God’s love with them. We have a few different ideas that we will hopefully see begin to materialize in the next few months. Here is one of our neighbors and Matt cutting down a tree that had fallen and was hanging over our patio roof. Our friend just climbed up the tree and started hacking with his machete and cutting with his chainsaw, as Matt helped to push the pieces away from our house!

The more we have spent time in prayer and seen the different needs and ministry possibilities, the more we realize our limitations as just two people. We have been very encouraged as we read in John chapter one about the ministry of John the Baptist. No, we haven’t started eating the giant grasshoppers with our honey, but we have been inspired in other ways. The Pharisees had sent people to question John about who he was and why he was baptizing people. Each time John responds he doesn’t claim any title but simply proclaims his purpose as a forerunner for the Messiah and continues to proclaim the worthiness of Him he was preparing the way for. He also doesn’t get caught up in their questions about baptism but proclaims how the messiah’s baptism will be greater. We took a couple things away from this in application; first, we don’t want to become too worried about what specific roles we are filling but rather concern ourselves with THE role of preparing the way for Christ to touch the peoples hearts. Second, we want the same sort of humility shown in and dedication he had to His one calling of proclaiming Christ. Another awesome truth from the life of John the Bible gives us is that he was filled with the Holy Spirit. His life and ministry was anointed, blessed, and led by God. We definitely want to seek that though prayer and dependence on Him.
Another prayer request we have is for our temporary residency. We are still waiting to file for this until we have one more needed paper. Once we file, however, it will be some time before the government begins processing it. Until this occurs, we still need to leave every 90 days to renew our tourist visa. We have begun researching some places in Nicaragua we could stay for a few days at the end of march. Please pray that God would lead us when and where to go.
I had mentioned the wind was getting better in our last update. Well it was a false alarm! We had a few calm days and then a couple more weeks of intense wind! We now have had a full week of no wind, so we are hopeful it has actually passed this time. As the weather warms up a bit, we have become acquainted and cozy with more than a few lizards coming inside to visit us. Matt is holding a little guy here; our Spanish speaking friend just handed it to Matt so he felt he had to take it! Lizards are probably the thing Matt is most afraid of, so this was a big deal! Haha. The other guy I found in the sink one morning when I went to wash my hands. Many others have been scurrying across the floors and walls trying their best to play a game of “scare the humans.”


We love and miss you all! Until our next update ❤

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