Along For the Ride

Another month has seemingly flown by as we continue to live and serve here on the mountain. We have allot to share with you, so I’m just going to dive right in!

Agustin and Nela were able to take a short vacation and visit the beach. During this time we had the pleasure of caring for their two dogs. We also had the opportunity to plan and lead study on our own. We all did worship together then Matt took the kids as I facilitated the adult study. I was so blessed to have all women that evening and we enjoyed a meaningful time connecting with our Lord and one another through His word, prayer, and fellowship.

When the youth team came in January, they brought us a projector that we could use for worship slides and Bible studies. We finally pulled it out and got it set up using one of the computers that Jamir brought down in April. We still need to find one more cable to be able to use it for the worship word projection, but we were able to use it for a movie night on the big screen! I was so excited to find that the movie “The Prince of Egypt” was available to watch in Spanish. The kids and adults who come to Bible study enjoyed the movie and even asked some questions about the Biblical story of Moses. Of course no movie night on the big screen is complete without popcorn and refreshments, so we were all able to enjoy them together.

Our tomatoes plants and corn that we planted in May are finally starting to produce fruit! Matt has been busy working the landscape and planting other fruits and veggies on the property as well. The latest addition are two avocado trees on the mountainside behind the church building.

We have also been able to continue our Saturday afternoons offering help to the kids with their schoolwork. Agustin helps them with math and spelling while Matt and I help with English. We have been able to use the English computer program during this time as well. I also use this time to continue guitar and music lessons with Ashley. We also have Bible study on Saturday evenings, so Saturday is really enjoyable extended time with the kids.

One of the things we love most about being in Costa Rica are the opportunities we get to build friendships with the people here on the mountain. Cali has been helping us with some road maintenance on our driveway and has also been available to help us solve a water flow issue more than once. We found out that our water line is actually getting clogged with little crabs up at the source! We had no idea that crabs could live so far from the coast and on a mountain no less. I have had the opportunity to spend a little time with Cali’s girlfriend Elizabeth and Cali treated both Matt and I to a horseback ride on “Tonka” his very lovable horse. Matt was also able to help our neighbor Juan move some furniture from the city with our handy-dandy truck. Juan speaks quite a bit of English so Matt really enjoys his time and conversations with him.

Speaking of our handy-dandy truck, we are very grateful for God’s continual protection over us as we drive here. One day while Matt was driving into Aserri with Agustin and Eduardo the brakes started to fail due to a bad seal on our brake fluid pump! As our truck has a manual transmission, Matt was thankfully able to use the gears to slow them down safely and get it to our repair man to be fixed. We’re grateful for your prayers for us in all things as we continue to live and minister here.

We have continued to settle into our little home and work on projects here and there. We decided that now we are more settled, it was definitely time we treated one another to a date night out. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant called Ram Luna. We went on the same night that they host a buffet and live entertainment as a large tourist attraction. The food was all typical Costa Rican food, the waiters were charming, they had live traditional music, and live traditional dance. We had so much fun enjoying the cultural highlights they provided. They also had a fire pit outside where we could enjoy a view of the city lights down bellow.

We have started attending a church in Jorco and have begun to really enjoy our Sundays. We hope to host a youth camp with this church at the property in December and would appreciate your prayers in the planning. After Sunday service we like to go to an organic cafe and enjoy some delicious Costa Rican coffee as a treat.

We really look forward to visiting in October and are grateful for your continued prayers for us and everyone here in Costa Rica.

2 thoughts on “Along For the Ride

  1. Hey Cuz! I do enjoy your updates! I’m glad you are finally getting settled in. Looks like you are loving what you do and I think that’s awesome. How can I support your ministry?


    1. Hi Brandi! Thank you for the encouragement! For financial support you can send a check to Calvary Chapel Placerville, noting CRMS in the memo. Mailing address is P.O. Box 1604, Placerville, CA. 95667. Or, you can go to and click on “COSTA RICA”. There is a link on that page where you can donate online.


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