Bitter Sweet

Hola everyone! I will do my best to catch you all up on the past few months!

First was the team from Calvary Chapel Placerville that joined us for a week in April; what a blessing! We were so encouraged by the love and fellowship they brought along with them as well as their hearts to serve. I can honestly say there wasn’t a dull moment for the week that they were here serving. Two big things they were able to bless the ministry with were driveway maintenance and working to improve our water situation. These two tasks involved lots of physical labor, but they were up for the challenge! The team was also able to reach out to our community here on the mountain, helping to further open doors to more relationships and the sharing of Christ. They hosted a 4 day VBS, and so many kids and families were blessed! I was also able to learn a lot of practical things from the program the team brought for the kiddos. The team was able to find time to help our neighbors begin to rebuild their deck that was damaged in the big land slide last October. Certain members of the team were also dedicated solely to ministering and encouraging Matthew and I; needless to say we were very well ministered and encouraged. Some members of the team came early and/or stayed late helping us with worship music and more work projects around the church.

We have so much to share with you all about the work God has been doing among the small group of believers here. First is that two more people from the mountain have come to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their savior from a life of sin and death! Secondly, a men’s only Bible study has formed and they are meeting every Tuesday evening. Some of the ladies have also begun gathering Tuesday evening to pray at Nela and Agustin’s place. Meisha and I have also begun studying Philippians once a week with one of the ladies from the church. Lastly, we have moved the weekly Bible studies to Sunday morning, and the church body is really beginning to come more consistently. We are so blessed to give glory to God for all of these things and appreciate your continued prayers.

Don and Matt have been hard at work building a tool shed for the many many tools that have been accumulating here for various work projects and maintenance. Once it is finished, not only will it be so much easier to access the tools that are needed, but our space in the church building will be less cluttered and freed up for ministry supplies. Don and Meisha have also been working hard to turn our ministry building into a more pleasant and welcoming environment through paint and decor. The English classes at the school have continued as well as our relationships grown with the children, families, and community. It has truly been such a blessed opportunity.

David Taylor was able to come serve with us for 3 weeks and his heart to serve sure blessed us and the people here! He brought many thoughtful gifts to help us in our ministry here, helped teach the kids, worked on a water chlorination system, encouraged us and much much more. It is so great to have help not only from large teams, but also individuals who are called by God to serve here for a season.

In July we were able to host an outreach for the children and their families. We had worship songs (which the mamas of the children who attended helped lead!), bible study, crafts, relays, water balloons, activities, s’mores, and lunch! It was so great to see the church body here serving and helping to make this outreach happen! We felt such a sense of unity and love in Christ after that day.

Don and Meisha Brown, our new partners in ministry, have been settling in and getting used to mountain missionary life. Everyone has been blessed by their gifts in worship music, teaching, overall hearts of service, and friendship. They have started a Facebook page where they post updates and pictures often: Really, the pictures are great, so make sure you check it out! The Browns appreciate your continued prayers as they seek the Lord for His continual guidance and provision in this ministry.

Matthew and I have also been seeking the Lord for His guidance, and have come to a big next step: September 24 we will be making the move back to California. Our time here has been blessed beyond what we could have imagined and we are so grateful for all the Lord has done and the support you all have given us here. Our hearts are both sad to be leaving and excited to see what God has in store for us in this next chapter; it is a true example of “bitter sweet.” We appreciate your prayers as we make this transition as do Don and Meisha as they adjust into being the main full time ministers here. Please also pray for more long-term servants in this place, especially for a Spanish speaking pastor.

Thank you all for keeping up with us and holding us in your prayers, we are so grateful and so are the people.

2 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet

  1. God will most certainly bring more fruit from the beautiful garden of His beloved people you both have planted and lovingly tended. We look forward to your smiling faces back in our church family. Coming home only means your bodies are here, a part of your hearts will always remain there in Costa Rica and you can always go back to visit! May He bless your transition from there to here very smoothly. Prayers and blessings, Jon and Wendy Meyer


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