Extremely Blessed

My brother Daniel is currently here visiting us and in less than 24 hrs we have already managed to give him the true Costa Rican missionary experience. Something we have learned to be prepared for while living here is to always always be ready for something to not go according to our plan. In other words, prepare ourselves with a ready attitude for things we can’t necessarily anticipate or prepare for. I’m laughing to myself as I write this, realizing how our attitude truly can change seemingly unchangeable circumstances. I am so grateful for a God we can fully put our faith and trust in, who can guard our hearts and minds, is faithful to provide for us, and guide us through any circumstance. My brother had a late flight, which we thought was great because there would be no traffic. Well what we didn’t consider was the possibility that the truck might break down and that Matt and Dan would be stranded on a freeway in San Jose at 11 pm! We are so grateful to the Lord for keeping them safe and providing a very neighborly taxi driver who helped them acquire the supplies they needed to get themselves and the truck back home. Praise the Lord!

We were all up until at least 2:30 am; not the best start for our Sunday morning service, but it is so like our Lord to work good in all things and cultivate our faith and dependence upon Himself so that He is proven faithful and glorious. We were especially blessed today by the meeting together of His people, through worship, prayer, Bible teaching, and fellowship. One of the young ladies, Ashley, volunteered to begin helping with the projection of the lyrics to the worship songs; this was an answer to prayer for the service gaps to be filled that will be left by Matthew and I when we leave in the end of September. It’s mornings like these that the “bittersweet” feelings mentioned in our last post resurface in a longing to stay and see what more the Lord is going to continue to work here. We find this feeling a comfort in a way; for us it has been a reassurance of the healthy little church body that God will continue to work through and to grow in our absence. We have certainly been extremely blessed to participate in His glorious work here on this mountain in Costa Rica and we do look forward to hearing of the future fruit when we aren’t close enough to see it daily anymore. (If this is the first time you’ve read of our departure, you can read a little bit more about it in our previous blog post: Bittersweet.)

Some of the church fellowshipping after the messageDavid being wrapped up for his role as Lazarus in the children’s lesson

Our team was invited to start ministering in a second local school nearby in Cedral. I had occasionally been visiting this school to help with their English lessons and the teacher had asked us if we could share some Bible lessons! Our first lessons was on David and Goliath and we were blessed with an awesome time sharing with the kids. The school, as well as our community has been rapidly growing with many new families seeking refuge from the unrest and violence in Nicaragua. The same school teacher mentioned above asked us to reach out to and invite some of the new arrivals to our Sunday church service. When we dropped by their home, no one was there, but we left an invitation to church and we were encouraged by the teacher’s concern for her students as well as her support for them to be hearing the word of God.

Don and Matt were also able to finish the long awaited tool shed, which has freed up space in the main building and made things feel much more organized and functional! This is a view from the side before the final wall was enclosed.

We are so grateful for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support as we serve in Costa Rica. Don and Meisha Brown will be continuing in service as missionaries here after we leave. They have a blog as well as a Facebook page where you can keep up with them and the work in Costa Rica as well as support them: https://costaricachurch.ccpville.com/ We also want y’all to meet Sammy, the Brown’s new doggie who showed up and stayed after quickly working his way into their hearts.

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