Introducing: Autumn

As our time with the March missions team came to a close we were so grateful for all that had been accomplished while they were here and for the encouragement boost we personally received from the fellowship and help. Things have not slowed down since then; in fact, I am trying to write and post this update before our next team arrives from the airport within an hour! I know that if I don’t share with you guys now, so much of what has happened will be lost in light of all the new things that our Lord is going to do this week!

First, we want to introduce you to our new puppy: Autumn! We got her about two months ago and she has been a complete joy to have in our family and our ministry.

Secondly, we want to share with you about the team of 3 men who came for a week in March to help us with some of the tree clean-up from the October land slide. They were able to clear a main drainage ravine behind our house of massive amounts of tree debris, so that when the rains returned we wouldn’t have any flooding. They also cut down some trees that were close to our home so we can have a little more peace when the winds and rains are strong. Shayne was also able to help us with some little fixes that needed to be done on our house.

Their work was just in time as a the rains returned early (about 4 days ago) and strong! Thankfully with the clearing work our main ravine did very well; however, our new culvert and driveway did not fair so well. Our 1 meter wide culvert was almost instantly clogged and filled to overflowing by much of the still loose land and rocks from the October slide so our driveway became the new river once again. Unfortunately one of the big drop-offs that was created by the October slide and rains that we had filled in, re-formed in the short time span of 2 hrs. Matt worked non-stop with a few local guys to repair some of the driveway damage and create some ditches and water-bars to hopefully divert the water when the next rains come. We have been so blessed to have 3 solid days of no rain to get this done. We are so grateful for your prayers as the forecast has predicted rain every day!

For our most recent visa renewal, we traveled to Guatemala Antigua during Easter time. We were so grateful to have a time of true rest and enjoyment and really loved Guatemala. We were able to see the Holy Week processions, as well as the beautiful “Alfombras,” which are creatively designed carpets in the streets made up of colorful sawdust, flowers, fruits, and palm branches. We also were able to attend a bilingual church service at a Calvary Chapel church! In one of the home-made craft markets, we met a wonderful Native, Christian woman named Gloria whom we were able to pray with and receive mutual encouragement.

During the week that the March team was here, I was able to begin teaching English at the school in Caragral 4 days a week! This has been such a sweet time growing with the kids that we already know and building new relationships with those who I didn’t know. I am also going to begin helping at the school in Cedral Arriba 1 day a week. This is a great opportunity as there are about 10 kids at that school of whom I only know 1 currently.

We are so happy to announce the arrival of the two newest members of our long-term missions team this morning! Don and Meisha Brown have joined us with open hands to the Lord and hearts to serve where God has led them. Please keep them in your prayers as they adjust to making this their new home and ministry.

Some other prayer requests are for our driveway to be able to withstand the coming rains and wisdom to know what to do about the loose earth. Please also pray for safety, success, and hearts that are ready to grow in Jesus for the team arriving today and Sunday. Please always keep our weekly Saturday Bible studies, guitar lessons, and computer lessons in your prayers. A huge praise is that our new and improved water filter is working to give us clean water and keep us healthy. We love you, miss you, and are so grateful for your continued prayers and encouragement.

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